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The ROUGH CUT collection has been designed to offer straps that are 100% handmade -  no machines, no precut dies, no factory processing. 

Handmaking each strap will offer unique differences in each item and allows the natural beauty of the materials to shine.


ROUGH CUT straps will be made one at a time from 100% veg tan leather, hand colored, hand tooled, hand cut and hand detailed.  


Vegetable tanned leather is a high quality, thick and robust material that only gets better with age. 


Natural/ un-dyed veg tan will darken over time when exposed to water, sunlight and natural oils from the skin due to frequent handling. In its raw  tan color, it will darken to a whisky and ultimately turn dark brown.


Dyed leather will discolor and soften with use and as with all veg tan leather, when cared for properly, it can last a lifetime. 

We believe the beauty of the materials combined with the manual craftsmanship will complement used/ relic guitars especially well.

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